Buy Activa Hosiery - British Standard Hosiery

Activa Healthcare is the UK's no 1 provider of compression hosiery, designed especially to improve circulation in the legs.

Using state of the art manufacturing and luxury fabrics such as Lycra soft and Tactel, Activa's compression hosiery is the ultimate in stretch, comfort and fit. It is available as below knee or thigh length, and comes in a range of colours and styles.

The hosiery (available on prescription or to buy) provides graduated compression - which means the hosiery is firmest at the ankle, with the compression reducing up the leg. The compression or "squeeze" on the leg pushes venous blood upwards to the heart, making legs feel less tired and heavy, and reducing the symptoms of varicose veins.

Activa compression hosiery is vital for sufferers of venous leg ulcers and, once healed, it greatly reduces the risk of an ulcer returning. As venous problems are generally an ongoing condition, compression hosiery tends to be worn for life. For that very reason, Activa ensures that their hosiery not only looks great, but also feels great.